What do the stars in your horoscope have in store for you in your relationships? Will you have a happy and romantic life or will there be too many disappointments? Will you be devoted to your soul mate or will you be a flirt? Based on the planetary combinations in your chart, your dasa, antardasa and the transits of Jupiter & Saturn, it is possible to analyze the nature and future of your love life. You can ask Manish ji questions related to the followign areas or any other area in your relationship that is bothering you.

Love affairs

One sided love

Break Ups

Deceiving in love

Love triangle

Pre-marital Affairs

Extra Marital Affairs

Breaking of Engagement

Ask any question related to the future of your relationships. Please be as specific as possible in putting your questions as it will help Manish Ji to guide you better. Some of the sample questions that you may ask could be as below.

He is my co-worker and we are working together from the past 2 years. I think I am in love with him. Will he propose me? Will we marry each other? Will our relation last?

I am in love with a person? He/she loves me too. Do you think he’s serious ? Do you think we will marry? When?

Am I compatible with my partner and will our relationship be long lasting?

Do you think me & my boyfriend are serious to each other? Should we marry?

Will I marry a foreigner or a native?

You may ask questions from Guruvar Manish Ji on any topic related to LOVE that might range around the following...

  1. He/she loves me or not?
  2. Will I have long relationship with my girl friend/ boy friend?
  3. I am not in talking terms with my girl friend/ boy friend nowadays. Will I have normal relations with her/him?
  4. Will I be able to marry with the person I love?
  5. Will I have love marriage or arranged marriage?
  6. Does she / he really love me or just pretends to love me?
  7. If I get into live-in relationship with him/her will it run smooth?
  8. When will I find my soul mate?
  9. When will differences with my lover come to an end?
  10. Will my relationship continue with her/ him and how long?