Poor health can drive us into a pitfall. Sometimes negative planetary combinations can take a toll on your health and can lead to situations that can be difficult to explain. Manish ji can help you guide through these situations through his 100% accurate Nadi Astrology.

Timing of disease

Type of disease

Regarding the Health

Disease will cure by Medicine or Surgery required

Surgory will become successful or not

Incurable Disease

Timing of regaining the health


Survive in accident or not

Accidental death

Death after disease or during surgery

Please explain your situation in detail and also put specific question around your situation. Some sample questions that you may ask could be the following

I had multiple fractures on my hip a few months ago and had to undergo surgery, but it is not fully cured as yet. Doctors are divided on their opinion as to whether or not I need another surgery or I shall recover with medicines and physiotherapy. Astrologically can you point out whether further surgical intervention is needed or not?

Doctor’s are unable to diagnose the pain in my legs and they are experimenting. Astrologically can you point out if this a curable disease or do I have to live with it?

I had a heart operation last month. I am not feeling well and my recovery is very slow. When will I recover fully and why I am not recovering speedily?

My wife is to undergo surgery next week. Do you think it will be successful?

You may ask questions from Guruvar Manish Ji on any topic related to HEALTH that might range around the following...

  1. Can surgery be avoided?
  2. When will I be able to fully recover from disease?
  3. Which line of treatment will be better for me homeopathy/ allopathy or Ayurved?
  4. Will the treatment of this doctor be beneficial for me?